Somehow I think of you.

I read about him and it is your face that sits in my head, being cynical and judgmental and thoughtful and wise. Some kind of a sassy guy with a tragedy locked away inside. A cute super with curly red hair, the description says, but in my head it’s black.

When she starts to fall in love, I do, too. With him. With you. I don’t know – it’s beginning to confuse me. Am I reading my stupid diary? Or am I reading a damned, cheesy, romantic narrative? Either way, I’m thinking of you.

I’m thinking of you, I do, and I fall all the more in love with you along each line. You are reborn again and again with each word; touched up, perfected. Perfected until I no longer know if it’s you I love or it’s my imagination of you.


Ditulis barusan, di tengah-tengah waktu berharga yang seharusnya saya pergunakan untuk menerjemahkan novel tulisan Kristan Higgins yang berjudul If You Only Knew. Sebagai seseorang yang mengaku romantis, tidak jarang saya terpesona dengan karakter buku. Namun, sudah lama juga saya tidak termakan gombalan dan kalimat-kalimat rayuan tokoh-tokoh di buku chick-lit. Kali ini, saya harus mengakui bahwa saya luluh terhadap karakterisasi Leo si super yang hanya “untuk rekreasi”. Mari kita berekreasi, Leo!


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