“For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease…”

August 1, my first verses.

Tonight I had a discussion with my friends about our choice if we (God forbid!) happened to be cheated on in a marriage. The discussion was sparked by a situation in a novel I am editing, in which a woman was cheated on, ran to her sister for protection and a shoulder to cry on, but once the overly dramatic, cheating husband came over and putting on a stupid, soap opera-like show, she ran back to her husband’s side.

Being the *mostly whiny* singles that we are, the discussion quickly took a turn to our *miserable* lives. Some of us whined about the possibility such things occurred. We are average, solo company workers in an age where most of our friends are either getting married or having flashy jobs or travel to exciting places and enjoying the time of their lives. Things get hard at times. The thought of being cheated on as a future potential can kill our *delicate* hearts, so someone prayed that our lives will only get better from this moment on.

That was when I remember these verses.

In the dark abyss called 2016, when things were awfully not great for me (much, much worse than how it is these days; comparing them makes today seems like heaven!), I collected quotes of Quran verses just to keep me going and sane. These two verses, especially, gave me strength. They always bring the promise that things will get better and that what we’re going through is tiny compared to the greatness of the spiritual world, of Allah and Allah’s power, of Allah’s plans and of what Allah has in store for us. Therefore, whatever’s going on with us now, it is somewhat true that things will only get better. These verses just make me want to believe that.

It is only right to start off August with these treasured verses.



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