Super Blue Blood Moon


I carry myself to stand in line,
my body hot with fever
my soul heavy with sin
When the first verse is recited,
I pray to stand tall
and for my tears to not fall

My heart was chained
to longing for him
but childhood happiness
takes over on a whim
When I get down on my knees, they say
I shed the darkness within me

The second verse, I stand longer
Third verse, I pray — Allah, give me strength!
The universe’s hands are at work
Another cycle completed
Another beginning to start,
but can I let him go?

He’s gone, he’s gone
I stand alone with the shadows of my dreams
He’s there, but he’s not — my kindred spirit!
Then, the fourth verse is recited,
“So which of the favors of your Lord
would you deny?”

The universe conspires for my spring,
for a clean slate and a blank page
as I have made my choice
and he was made aware
Now, what else could it be
when everything falls into place?

Allah, forgive me as only You can forgive;
for everything I needed, You have given
and yet, still, I asked for more



Leo & Kate (What I Wrote)


To explain my previous post: I wrote their names (above) on an insomniac night.

Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet are famous for their best-friendship. While I love them both just as they are, the reason I’m obsessed with them lately is the fact that I recently found the best friend I treasure so much, with whom I hope a best-friendship like theirs could be maintained. We’ve been through a lot – seven years (going on eight) of ups and downs, proximity and distance, intense changes and instant bonding, feelings coming and going, love rediscovered and refocused.

Whenever I see pictures of Leo & Kate, it’s almost as if I can see how much they care for each other. I can feel it. That’s why they are so important. I really hope we continue to care for each other that much and that long.

Okay, this post is very childish and he would be disgusted overwhelmed with love if he read it… but oh well. I can’t stop gushing about this.

Here’s to the years to come!

Behind Your Light


You don’t know how bright is the light you’ve brought into my life. If it’s the Sun, it turns the winter into summer; turns the night into day; sends my sorrow away. If it’s the fire, it brings the warmth and the comfort of a place called home and a life less alone.

But as the concept of dualism dictates, behind that light is your darkness.

I tried to climb higher to shine upon you as you shine upon me – all to no avail. I am neither the fire nor the Sun, but before the dawn rises, let my love be the stars to guide you home and keep you sane as the pain I can’t understand claws inside you and drags you down.