Super Blue Blood Moon


I carry myself to stand in line,
my body hot with fever
my soul heavy with sin
When the first verse is recited,
I pray to stand tall
and for my tears to not fall

My heart was chained
to longing for him
but childhood happiness
takes over on a whim
When I get down on my knees, they say
I shed the darkness within me

The second verse, I stand longer
Third verse, I pray — Allah, give me strength!
The universe’s hands are at work
Another cycle completed
Another beginning to start,
but can I let him go?

He’s gone, he’s gone
I stand alone with the shadows of my dreams
He’s there, but he’s not — my kindred spirit!
Then, the fourth verse is recited,
“So which of the favors of your Lord
would you deny?”

The universe conspires for my spring,
for a clean slate and a blank page
as I have made my choice
and he was made aware
Now, what else could it be
when everything falls into place?

Allah, forgive me as only You can forgive;
for everything I needed, You have given
and yet, still, I asked for more



Leo & Kate

Courtesy: Pinterest

I wrote their names in ways

that betrayed their attachment

as my heart whispered to pray

for tokens of affection–

I was collecting reasons to stay

and for the fragments to remain

when fear mounted day by day

that what we had would go in vain

The Scraped Window

For the child inside the broken house
with the paint faded,
the door loosened
the window scraped
due to ages of damage
beyond repair,
the world is a dull sight–
a messy, unhappy place

There are no faces, only figures
and kindness is a language unheard of
for the child inside the broken house
with the paint faded,
the door loosened
the window scraped
due to ages of damage
beyond repair

“Why don’t you clean the window?”
asked a girl who stops by
“The world is colorful, not clouded by tedious dust.”
“Why don’t you fix the door?”
asked a boy who lives next door
“It’s pretty dangerous to leave it unlocked.”
“Why don’t you paint the walls?”
asked a man who is just strolling
“It makes the neighborhood ugly.”

Little does the girl know
that the window is dirty
because she and her friends keep running
over the pool in front of the house

The boy does not remember
that he was the one
who broke the door
on his visit years ago

The man does not suspect
that the child has no money to pay for paint
and the child has no one to ask for help
because the child has lived there alone for quite some time

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October 21


You see through my eyes | you think in my mind | you step with my feet | you walk where I go | you live in my shadow | you breathe in my air | even when I’m alone you are there | there | there | here | here | here | taking over my life | taking over me | taking over the core of everything | shaping me | breaking me | moulding me | shaking my ground | cutting my ropes | draining my heart into nothing | quizzing my brain towards losing | reducing this love into something | shameless | eternal | repetitive | remembered | while really all I need is to take that one leap of faith to leave you on the land of wishful thinkings and the courage to stop